PENĀ 833,888,246
Draw in 2 days 22 hours
mega-millions ball

Play GG Mega Millions

PENĀ 833,888,246

Draw event date:
2 days 22 hours

How to play GG Mega Millions online

Thanks to our services, you don’t have to visit the USA to get a GG Mega Millions ticket. The rules of this lottery require you to pick 5 main numbers from 1 to 75, plus an extra Mega Ball number from 1 to 15. All numbers need to be picked correctly to win the jackpot.

Tips for GG Mega Millions online

It’s more likely that you will win if you decide to buy more tickets. There’s a simple tip to keep the costs of playing low, while participating in a draw with a higher number of tickets, play only when a rollover occurs.

The method of picking the numbers is up to you. Use our quick-pick tool to pick the numbers randomly, use your own lucky numbers or check the archived draw results to see the most and the least frequently drawn numbers in GG Mega Millions. Good luck!

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